The objective of the experiment:

Studying of interaction in the system "human - environment"; obtaining the experimental data about the health state and work capability of a human staying for a long time in conditions of isolation in hermetically closed environment of confined volume during simulation of the main peculiarities of the Martian flight (over-duration, autonomy, changed conditions of communication with the Earth - signal delay, limitation of the consumable resources).

The main tasks:

  • Studying of the influence of simulated conditions of Martian manned expedition on the crew's health and work capability;
  • Organization of the crew's activity and its interaction with the Experiment Control Center;
  • Verification of the principles, methods and means of:
    • Control, diagnostics and prediction of the crewmembers' state of health and work capability; providing of medical care, including with the use of telemedicine technologies,
    • Countermeasures against adverse effect of the "flight" factors on the human body,
    • Psychological support,
    • Environment monitoring;
  • Approbation of the modern technologies and tools of the human life support and protection;
  • Approbation of the elements of biomedical information-analytical system.