Requirements for investigators-volunteers

For participation in the experiment as investigators-volunteers practically healthy people are invited complying with the following requirements:

1. Age - 25-50 years old.

2. Higher education.

3. Professional requirements:

  • general practitioner having skills of first medical aid,
  • physician-investigator having skills of clinical laboratory diagnostics,
  • biologist,
  • engineer - specialist in life support systems,
  • engineer -specialist in computer techniques,
  • engineer - specialist in electronics,
  • engineer - mechanics.

4. Language skills - knowledge of the Russian and English languages at the level providing professional and every day communication.

People who would like to participate in the experiment as investigators-volunteers should send to Irina V. Kovachevich, the Head Physician of the project, an application form where they should mention:

1. Passport data: full name, place and date of birth, place of living at the date of filling in the questionnaire, place of registration, citizenship.

2. Information about education: name, time and place of graduation from an educational institution (including school), residency, post-graduate courses, courses of raising the level of qualification, etc.; specialty according to the education, specialty according to the work at the present time, scientific degree, scientific title.

3. Information about the work record: previous work activity (time, place and position), place and position of work at the present time.

4. Family status with mentioning the number of children.

5. Bad habits.

6. Contact information: address and telephone number (home and work), e-mail.

By the results of the analysis of the biographical particulars the candidates for investigators-volunteers will be informed about the conditions of medical and psychological selection (including the list of the necessary documents) that will be conducted by Medical-Expert Commission (MEC) of SSC RF - IBMP RAS in two stages.

At the first - out-patient stage the candidates will be obliged to submit medical documents about the state of health given no earlier than one month ago.

The candidates whom MEC will give a positive decision according to the results of documents analysis will be invited for the second - hospital - stage of selection to SSC RF - IBMP RAS.