for investigation in the ground-based experiment simulating manned flight to Mars

1. The investigation title.

2. Principal Investigator (full name, scientific degree, academic status, position, the name of the institution/organization and address, contact telephone, e-mail).

3. Substantiation of the investigation (orientation of the investigation at solving a concrete problem, brief review of its status, etc.).

4. The objective and the tasks of the investigation.

5. Expected results, their novelty as compared to analogous investigations, and significance for the problem solving.

6. Description of the investigation procedure:

6.1. Brief review of the method/technique.
6.2. Requirements for conditions of the investigation conduction (for example, time of the day, necessity of simultaneous participation of several crewmembers, etc.).
6.3. Form of the primary data (samples, computer data, etc.), requirements for their storage, and advisable periodicity of their transmission to the Experiment Control Center.
6.4.The volume of the investigation counting on one crewmember (duration of one session, the number of sessions, their periodicity and total time of work at training stage, at "flight" (including the time of installation of scientific apparatus and equipment) and at post-experimental stage).
6.5. Characteristics of possible risks and discomfort connected with the investigation fulfillment.

7. Apparatus and material-technical support of the investigation.

7.1. Characteristics of the scientific apparatus and equipment (title, function, information about certification, weight-dimensions characteristics, energy consumption, requirements for arrangement and storage, etc.).
7.2. Requirements for providing expendables and spare parts (title, function, weight-dimensions characteristics, number, requirements for storage, etc.).


Principal Investigator _________________________________________________ (signature, date)