The XIIIth Conference On Space Biology and Aerospace Medicine

/ 13-16 June, 2006
Moscow, Russia /

State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation - Institute for Biomedical Problems (IBMP)
The agenda of Conference
in English will appear at that site at the begining of May.
First announcement and call for papers

The conference is a traditional Russian quadrennial forum. The program for 2006 is to discuss the scientific data accumulated since the previous conference, i.e. in the period from 2002 till present day. The scope of the conference will embrace the biological, physiological and medical subjects directly relating to aviation, and space exploration by humans. Some other subjects such as information technologies , and systems and methods for space biology and aerospace medical research will be also put in the program of discussion.


  • Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Federal Space Agency
  • Russian Ministry of Education and Sciences
  • Federal Biomedical Agency
  • Russian Ministry of Defense
  • Russian Fundamental Research Fund

Honorable President Oleg G. Gazenko

Conference President,
Chair of Scientific and Organizing Committee

Anatoly I. Grigoriev

Vice-Chair of Scientific and Organizing Committee

Igor B. Ushakov

Eugene A. Ilyin
Chair of Local Organizing Committee

Alexandre N. Romanov
Executive Secretary

Alla G. Vinokhodova

Conference venue
Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences
32A Leninsky Prospect, Moscow, Russia

Instructions for preparation of abstracts

The abstract of no more than two pages should be printed out on one side of the A4 or US Letter paper with 1.5 spacing and standard margins or forwarded electronically in a Word 95-2003 doc. or rtf. file. The recommended size-12 fonts are Times New Roman, Arial, and Helvetica.

Bold capitals should be used for the title. Name(s) of authors and address(es) of author(s) should be should be typed in lower case. When coauthors represent different institutions, names of those from a second institution should be marked with *, names from a third institution, with ** etc.

The abstract should not contain tables, figures or list of references except for references in text to specific publications, e.g. I.I. Ivanov et al., 2000.

Information about each or the corresponding author including mail and e-mail address, phone and fax numbers should be provided on a separate sheet.

The abstract with the note "XIIIth Conference" should be sent by mail to Mr. S. O. Nikolaev / IBMP, Khoroshevskoye Shosse, 76A, Moscow 123007, Russia or e-mail to: or

Deadline for submission of either the hard or electronic copy of abstract is March 1, 2006. Abstracts received after the deadline will not be published.

The working languages of the conference will be Russian and English; presentations in Russian will be provided with simultaneous translation.

Registration fee - 200 EURO for the participants and 100 EURO for the attendants.

For further information, please contact:

ILYIN Eugene I.
Phone: (495) 195 02 23,
Fax: (495) 195 22 53,

ROMANOV Alexandre N.
(hotel reservation)
Phone: (495) 195 01 03,
Fax: (495) 195 22 53,

(generic issues)
Phone: (495) 195 67 29,
Fax: (495) 195 22 53,

Phone: (495) 195 68 74,
Fax: (495) 19522 53,

Phone: (495) 195 00 33,
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