4-th International Workshop on Space Radiation Research
17-th Annual NASA Space Radiation Health Investigators' Workshop

Moscow - St. Petersburg, June 5 - 9, 2006

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Overview of Information

Registration form for accommodation of the IWSRR participants

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First Announcement

The Russian Academy of Sciences, Federal Space Agency, Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, Ministry of emergency situations of Russian Federation, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Scientific Council of RAS on Radiobiological Problems, State scientific Center of RF - Institute for Biomedical Problems of RAS, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, All-Russian center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine with participation of National Aeronautic and Space Administration (USA) and European Space Agency will hold The 4-th International Workshop on Space Radiation Research and the 17-th Annual NASA Space Radiation Health Investigators' Workshop. Traditionally this scientific meeting is organized for permitting a broad exchange of current results obtained by specialists from various countries working in the parts of classic and space radiobiology, space physics, radiation shielding and dosimetry. The main importance of the problem is connected with the future flights to the Moon and to Mars and with broad possibility of using the obtained results in applied medicine, fundamental biology and human radiation safety.

The following problems should be discussed and analyzed at the workshop:
  • specificity of radiation damage of living systems by densely ionizing radiation,
  • radiation processes in living systems on molecular and cellular levels,
  • DNA and oxidative damage, genomic instability and bystander effects and their roles in problems of carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic radiation risk,
  • space radiation influence on CNS function and regulation in the body,
  • small doses of chronic exposure,
  • acute exposure effects including their combination with chronic irradiation,
  • radio resistance and radio sensitivity of living systems,
  • biologic indications of radiation damage,
  • biological response of non-ionizing radiation,
  • prevention and protection of living systems,
  • radiation shielding materials for space radiation,
  • radiation conditions in space and radiation dosimetry.
In view of the future interplanetary flights, problems of spaceflight radiation risk mitigation and forming the adequate scientific data base are very important for the development of corresponding radiation limits.

The workshop findings can be the basis for planning investigations and increasing their efficiency in the area or space flights radiation safety. They also will be useful for the ground radiation safety ensuring in human activity connected with the influence or usage of ionizing radiation.

The symposium will be organized according to the following scheme:

June 3 - 4, arriving the participants to Moscow, registration,
June 5 - 7, the working sessions are held in the main building of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
June 7, evening, transportation to St. - Petersburg by train,
June 8 - 9, conclusive session and plenary meeting is held on the base of the All-Russian center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine, St. - Petersburg,
June 10 - 11, departure of the workshop participants.

Program and organization of symposium working

Forming the scientific program, holding the sessions and discussions, preparing and fulfilling all other measures of symposium will be regulated by the International Scientific Committee, and International and Local Organizing Committees.

International Scientific Committee:

A. Grigoriev, President of Symposium, Russia,
S. Andreev, Russia,
E. Blakely, USA,
E. Burlakova, Russia,
F. Cucinotta, USA,
M. Durante, Italy,
B. Fedorenko, Russia,
Y. Furusawa, Japan,
E. Ilyine, Russia,
V. Ivanov, Russia,
E. Krasavin, Russia,
C. Limoli, USA,
A. Nikiforov, Russia,
G. Nelson, USA,
T. Ohnishi, Japan,
M. Panasyuk, Russia,
V. Petrov, Russia,
G. Reitz, Germany,
B. Sutherland, USA,
K. Trukhanov, Russia,
I. Ushakov, Russia,
M.Vazquez, USA,
Yu. Vorobiev, Russia,
M. Weil, USA,
C. Zeitlin, USA.

International Organizing Committee:

V. Petrov, co - chair, IBMP, Russia,
S. Aleksanin, co - chair, CREME, Russia,
F. Cucinotta, co - chair, JSC, USA,
V. Katuntsev, IBMP, Russia,
G. Pacetti, USRA, USA,
G. Reitz, DLR, Germany,
A. Romanov, IBMP, Russia,
P. Spillantini, Italy,
H. Yasuda, Japan,
V. Shurshakov, scientific secretary, IBMP, Russia.

Local Organizing Committee:

V. Petrov, co - chair, IBMP, Moscow,
A. Romanov, co - chair, IBMP, Moscow,
S. Aleksanin, co - chair, CERME, St - Petersburg,
M. Belakovsky, IBMP, Moscow,
L. Bichkova, IBMP, Moscow,
V. Katuntsev, IBMP, Moscow,
V. Naiditch, RAS, Moscow,
A. Shulenin, IBMP, Moscow,
G. Timoshenko, JINR, Dubna,
V Shurshakov, scientific secretary, IBMP, Russia.

Instructions for submission of abstracts

It is planned to issue a book of abstracts. To have your contribution included in the program of the Conference and in the book of abstracts, we kindly ask you to submit the abstracts to the Organizing Committee before March 1, 2005. The abstracts must be submitted in English in Microsoft Word format. The length of the abstracts must not exceed 1 page.

Requirements for preparation of abstracts:

  • the text must be typed on A4 sheet;
  • margins - 3 cm from the top; 2,5 cm from the bottom and from the left and right sides
  • the text must be typed in one column, single-spaced, each paragraph must be started with an indented line (1.25 cm)
  • the font is Times New Roman 14 (main text) and 14 bold (title)
  • leave a space of two lines between the title part of the abstract and its main part
  • Abstract title - type 14, bold, centered; names of authors - type 14, italics, centered; name of organization (full), city and country - type 12.
The file with the abstract must be sent by E-mail: shurshakov@imbp.ru
Important dates

Deadline for submission of abstracts is March 01, 2006.

Deadline for the registration and abstract submission has been extended to March 15, 2006.

Information Letter 2 - March 30, 2006.

Registration fee

Registration fee is fixed as $400. The form of fee payment will be given in the Second Announcement of Organizing Committee.

Address of Local Organizing Committee:

State Scientific Center of Russian Federation Institute for Biomedical Problems of RAS (IBMP),
Khoroshevskoye shosse, 76A, 123007,
Moscow, Russia,

V. Shurshakov, Phone: 7 (495) 193 7416,
Fax: 7 (495) 195 2253,
E-mail: shurshakov@imbp.ru

Social Program

During the Meeting, participants and accompanying persons will have the opportunity to participate in several social events and sightseeing tours. Both Moscow and St.-Petersburg will surprise you with their beauty, history, culture and social life.

Further Information

A registration form and detailed information about the scientific and social programs, and hotel accommodation will be included in the 2nd announcement which will be mailed in March, 2006. Please complete and return the attached registration form to receive the 2nd announcement.

Registration Form:

Registration Form