Information letter

Dear colleagues!

Faculty of Basic Medicine, Lomonosov Moscow State University and State Research Center - Institute for Biomedical Problems, Russian Academy of Science invite you to take part in

IV Russian National School with Iinternational Participation on Muscle and Exercise Physiology "Innovative aspects of sensomotor and exercise physiology"

The School will take place at the Faculty of Basic Medicine, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, January 31 - February 3, 2007

The well-known specialists in physiology, biomechanics, genetics and rehabilitation medicine will deliver lectures on implementation of muscle and exercise physiology technologies into restorative, sport, and space medicine.

School program will include problem symposiums on the following topics:

    - Innovative technologies in sensomotor physiology
    - Innovative technologies in muscle and exercise physiology
    - Innovative technologies in rehabilitation medicine
    - Muscle performance during strenuous exercise
In the framework of the school presentation of free papers in oral or poster way will be organized. Workshop on the new technologies will take place. Abstracts of the reports will be published.

We invite scientists, post-grade students, residents and students to take part in School on Innovative Technologies. Sessions and workshop program will be based on abstracts received.
Deadline for applications is the 1st December 2006.

Address for applications:
Fax: +7 495 1952253
The e-mail message have to be marked "School on innovative technologies" in subject field. Messages without this mark are not accepted to avoid computer viruses.

For any further information please feel free to contact us by Tel. +7 495 1956807 or
You can see the announcement on our websites

An application is expected to include:

Surname Name
Scientific degree
Postal address
Title of your report

The preferred form of report: oral or poster. The organization commitee reserves the right to choose form of the report.

Abstract of a report is to be received by e-mail or on disk 3,5" and arranged to the following form:
No more than 1 page in Word 6.0-7.0, type - Times New Roman 12 pt, all the fields - 2 sm, 1-line interval

The title have to be printed in bold capital letters; 1 blank line after title.

Authors surnames and names have to be printed in italic type. The next line - full name of organisation, town and country (in the center).

I.B. Kozlovskaya
M.D., D.Sci., Prof.
Head Department of Sensomotor Physiology and Countermeasures
76a, Khoroshevskoye shosse
123007 Moscow, Russia