Prof. Dr. Ludmila Buravkova

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Prof. Dr. Ludmila Buravkova
Deputy Director of the Institute of Biomedical Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of Cell Physiology Lab. Professor, Faculty of Basic Medicine, Moscow State University.






Moscow Medical University, Russia Biochem. M.D. 1970-
Medicine Biochemistry
PhD student, Institute of Biomedical Problems, Ministry of Health, Russia Ph.D. 1976-
Space Biomedicine, Biochemistry
Postdoctoral fellowship, Institute of Biomedical Problems, Ministry of Health, Russia Doctor of Science 1989-
Space Biomedicine, Cell and Molecular Biol.


  • 1979 -1993          Postdoctoral Fellow and Senior Researcher, Laboratory of Barophysiology, Institute of Biomedical Problems, Moscow, USSR.

  • 1993 -1995          Research Group Leader, Dept. Barophysiology, Institute of Biomedical Problems, Moscow, Russia.

  • 1995 -1997          Program Director, contract RSA-NASA Space Biomedical Problem, Institute of Biomedical Problems, Moscow, Russia.

  • 1998 2015        Scientific Secretary of the Institute, Head of Cell Physiology Deparmnet, Program Leader, Institute of Biomedical Problems, Moscow, Russia.

  • 2015 - till now      Deputy Director, Head of Cell Physiology Deparmnet Institute of Biomedical Problems, Moscow, Russia.

  • 1995 2000       Associate Professor, Space Biomedical Center for Training and Research, Moscow, Russia From 2001 till now Full Professor, Faculty of Basic Medicine, Moscow State University, Russia

EXPERIENCE AND RESEARCH: Principal Investigator of Programs and Projects supported by Russian Academy of Sciences in Life Sciences Correspondent Member of Russian Academy of Sciences in Physiology - Principal Investigator of space experiments on board of ISS - Principal Investigator of the 10 projects by Russian Foundation of Basic Research - Principal Investigator of the projects by Russian Ministry of Science and Education - Coordinator and Chairman of the International Summer School Space Biology and Medicine - Scientific Advisor of the FlUOR project for the ISS Mentor of 15 PhD Students.

ADVISOR / COMMITTEE / SOCIETY MEMBERSHIPS: Academician, International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) - Member of Russian Space Research Council, Elected Member of State Advisory Commitee Aerospace and Underwater Medicine, Member of International Committee for High Pressure Biology - Member of Russian Academy of Cosmonautics Advisory Council Member (Biomedicine) in Russian Ministry of Science and Education, Russian Physiology Society Russia Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Russian Society for Biotechnology. Editorial Board Member of Human Physiology, Aerospace and Ecology Medicine, Technologies of Life Systems, Cell Technologies in Biology and Medicine.

HONORS: Award of Greek Aerospace Council 1997, Award of Russian Academy of Sciences 2003, Awards of Russian Academy Cosmonautics Council 2003, 2013, Highest Scientific Award of the Russian Government 2004, Gagarins Medal, 2013, Award of Russian Academy of Sciences and Pleiades Publishing Inc for Best Publication in Life Sciences 2013, Roscosmos Award For International Cooperation 2014.

BOOKS 2, BOOK CHAPTERS 5, PATENTS 10, PAPERS - more than 200


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