Russian Academy of Sciences
Biological Sciences Division of the RAS
Russian Space Agency
Federal Biomedical Agency of Russia
State Research Center of the RF - Institute for Biomedical Problems of the RAS
S.P.Korolev Rocket Space Corporation "Energiya"

International conference

Moscow, 24-27 September 2008

On Occasion of the 45th Anniversary of
State Research Center of the RF - Institute for Biomedical Problems of the RAS

Second news bulletin


Venue of the conference:
Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences
(Moscow, Leninskiy Avenue, 32 a)
can be reached by Leninskiy Prospekt metro station

Organizations responsible for the preparation of the Conference:
Scientific Council of the RAS for Physiological Sciences
State Research Center of the RF - Institute for Biomedical Problems of the RAS
Postal address of the Organizing Committee: Khoroshevskoye Shosse, 76 a, SRC RF-IBMP of RAS, Moscow, 123007, Russia
E-mail: Tel: +7 (499) 195-23-63; fax: +7 (499) 195-22-53
Web site:


Anatoliy Ivanovich Grigoriev - Vice President of the RAS, Academician

Deputy chairmen:

  • Victor Mikhaylovich Baranov - acting Director of SRC RF-IBMP of RAS, Academician of the RAMS
  • Yury Emelyanovich Sinyak - Doctor of Technical Sciences, chief of the Life Support Systems Department of the SRC RF-IBMP of RAS

Members of the Conference Program Committee:

  • Alexandr V. Alferov - secretary of the Council of RAS on Space
  • Aleksandr V. Alferov PhD. in Economics, secretary of the RAS Space Council, chief of the Executive Bureau for Space of the RAS
  • Arnold S. Barer Doctor of Medicine, senior fellow of Zvezda NPP JSC
  • Yuriy O. Bakhvalov Doctor of Engineering Science, first deputy General Designer of the M.V.Khrunichev State Design Research and Production Center, head of the Salyut Design Bureau
  • Valeriy V. Bogomolov Doctor of Medicine, deputy director of RF-IBMP of RAS
  • Lev I. Gavrilov PhD. in Engineering, chief designer of the Chemical Machinery Research and Development Institute
  • Iosif I. Gitelzon Academician, adviser to the RAS
  • Aleksey B. Krasnov chief of Roskosmos division
  • Irina A. Maksimova Doctor of Biology, deputy department head of the Biological Sciences Division staff
  • Boris V. Morukov Doctor of Medicine, duty director of RF-IBMP of RAS
  • Marc Nelson Environmental Technology Institute Director, USA
  • Nigel Packham head of NASA Life Support Systems Division, USA
  • Yuriy V. Natochin Academician of the RAS
  • Sergey S. Pozdniakov general director and chief designer of Zvezda NPP company
  • Sergey Y. Romanov deputy general designer of RKK Energiya JSC
  • Vyacheslav A. Rogozhnikov deputy chief of the Federal Biomedical Agency, Doctor of Medicine
  • Nikolay M. Samsonov chairman of the Research and Technology Board of NIIHIMMASH JSC, Doctor of Engineering
  • Vladimir A. Solovyev vice president of RKK Energiya JSC, Doctor of Engineering
  • Igor B. Ushakov chief of the Naval Medicine Institute of the RF Ministry of Defense, academician of RAMS, corresponding member of RAS


Viktor . Baranov - acting director of SRC RF-IBMP of RAS, Academician of RAMS

Deputy chairmen:

  • Aleksandr N. Romanov - deputy director SRC RF-IBMP of RAS
  • Yuriy Y. Sinyak - head of Life Support Systems Division of SRC RF-IBMP of RAS, Doctor of Engineering

Members of the Conference Organizing Committee:

  • Mark S. Belakovskiy - department chief at SRC RF-IBMP of RAS, Ph.D in Biology
  • Leonid S. Bobe - head of NIIHIMMASH JSC Laboratory, Doctor of Engineering
  • Lyudmila B. Buravkova - academic secretary of SRC RF-IBMP of RAS, Doctor of Biological Sciences
  • Anna M. Dementieva - deputy chief accountant of SRC RF-IBMP of RAS
  • Aleksandr G. Zhelezniakov - Life Support Systems Division RKK Energiya JSC
  • Stanislav N. Zaytsev - department chief of the M.V. Khrunichev Salyut Design Bureau SDRPC
  • Vladimir P. Katuntsev - department chief at SRC RF-IBMP of RAS, Doctor of Biological Sciences
  • Sergey O. Nikolayev - department chief at SRC RF-IBMP of RAS
  • Vladimir V. Malozemov - head of Moscow Aviation Institute chair, Doctor of Engineering
  • Valeriy M. Olshanskiy - department chief of Roskosmos
  • Denis V. Rakov - head of laboratory, Ph.D. in biology
  • Tatiana I. Samokhvalova - senior specialist of the Planning and Economic Department of SRC RF-IBMP of RAS
  • Igor A. Smirnov - head of laboratory at SRC RF-IBMP of RAS. Ph.D. in Engineering
  • Vladimir N. Sychev - head of laboratory at SRC RF-IBMP of RAS, Doctor of Biological Sciences
  • Georgiy P. Shibanov - senior research fellow, V.P. Chkalov LI Center, Doctor of Engineering


  • Aleksandr N. Romanov - organizational matters +7 (499) 195-65-03
  • Yuriy Y. Sinyak - conference program +7 (499) 195-04-33
  • Vladimir P. Katuntsev - visa support +7 (499) 195-65-33
  • Denis V. Rakov - general matters +7 (499) 195-67-07
Organizing committee during the Conference - +7 (499) 195-67-07

Contact persons:

  • Denis Vyacheslavovich Rakov - office tel. +7 (499) 195-67-07, mobile: +7-926-246-06-53, e-mail:
  • Aleksandr Nikolayevich Romanov - office tel. +7 (499) 195-65-03
  • Yuriy Yemelyanovich Sinyak - office tel. +7 (499) 195-04-33, e-mail:
  • Sergey Olegovich Nikolayev - office tel. +7 (499) 195-68-74, e-mail:
  • Vladimir Petrovich Katuntsev - office tel. +7 (499) 195-67-04